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  • In the endless search of all human beings to find happiness, David Stindl-Rast (a Catholic monk) presents a path to find happiness through being grateful. Slowing down your life and showing gratefulness the smaller things is Rast’s recipe to a happy journey.

  • Diana Nyad is an American long distance swimmer who is famous for being the first human being ever to swim from Havana (Cuba) to Key west (Miami) without the shark cage for protection. The waters Nyad had to cross is considered the most dangerous in planet earth. But wait, that’s not all. The amazing part...

  • An Unbelievable TED Talk by David Gallo showing you footage of sea creatures you have probably never seen before. Get ready to be wowed by some amazing forms of life that have a jaw-dropping abilities to camouflage and adapt to their mysterious environments.  

  • Mentalist magician Keith Barry makes an amazing presentation about mind tricks that can fool our bodies. Barry involves the audience in most of his tricks. This is one of the top jaw-dropping TED Talks ever. 

  • Astronaut Chris Hadfield shares his experience of going blind in space. Hadfield takes you in an amazing journey exploring the life of an astronaut in which you will also learn valuable lessons about dealing with dangerous situations and the art of survival and appreciating life. 

  • One of most viewed TED Talks ever, Sir Kin Robinson gives an entertaining presentation about the education system and how it can weaken the creativity of children. As humorous as this TED Talk is, it is by far on of the most honest presentations about the way we built our education system around values that...

  • Get ready to be bedazzled by how your brain interrupts happiness. Dan Gilbert, a psychologist from Harvard university and the author of “Stumbling on happiness”, is taking you in a fascinating adventure inside your own mind to show you the difference between what makes you happy versus what you think makes you happy.

  • Bryan Stevenson is a distinguished human rights lawyer and a very inspiring presenter. In this TED Talk, Bryan shares some shocking insights about the American justice system and some valid concerns regarding the links between poverty and justice. This presentation is very enlightening about serious problems facing the American society today.

  • In this TED Talk, Morgan Spurlock (famous for the documentary “Super Size Me”) gives a great presentation about brand marketing and his experience in dealing with different corporations to find a sponsor for his film project. Even though Spurlock is not a marking guru, his TED Talk is a big eye opener for anyone interested in...

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